Our Solution

The primary aim of the “Stop Selling Australia Party” is to prevent Australian freehold real estate and primary lands being sold off to foreign buyers and entities. The party believes land holding should only be allowed to foreign buyers and entities by a lease hold agreement as opposed to free hold title. Lease agreements reverting back to the Commonwealth at the end of their term. 

This means that all land purchased by non-Australian residents would simply transfer back to the people of Australia at the end of the lease agreement.

Maintaining majority Australian ownership of agricultural & rural farmland is imperative to the long term stability of future Australian generations.


Sadly much of our rural lands have already been sold off meaning we no longer have control of where a large amount of produce or stock is sold. We aim to put a STOP to selling Australia. We are not racist and we do not discriminate, we simply believe selling off our country to foreign investors and countries in not in the best interest of our future generations. 

In 1997 Hong Kong, under English rule and control, reverted back to China at the end of the lease agreement. China of all countries understands the importance of maintaining control over its land interest, yet we are allowing our country to be sold off like hot cakes to the Chinese. 

At this rate we will end being the tenants in our own country. 

We need to address this issue as a matter of urgency!  

The "Stop Selling Australia" Party aims to stop foreigners buying freehold title in Australia and influencing the policies of the executive and legislative branches of government in Australia. 

This will include endorsing Steve Murphy as our candidate for the Federal Senate elections, WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND, UNITE AND SAVE OUR FUTURE!