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Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy with your support will stand for a seat in the Senate representing NSW at the next Federal election.

Steve’s entire focus is to stop Australia being sold off and controlled by overseas investors and foreign countries!  “When you sell the freehold title of land it is gone forever, it’s a bit like selling the family home.” Australian farmlands are the life line to our food supply. Allowing overseas interest to buy up and to control our farmlands is dangerous and reckless.

Having worked in the Real Estate Industry all my working life I know that wealth and prosperity is achieved by owning real estate not selling it! Other countries are certainly aware of this and that is the reason why they are snapping it up!
The fact that our country is being sold off overseas is a serious concern and will have obvious ramification to our future generations!


Kane Murphy

(Party Secretary/Treasurer)

Kane is a qualified Real Estate Property graduate and understands the methodology of leasing as opposed to selling.” It’s no different to the sale of motels & hotels under lease which is a common & accepted method of transacting sales in those industries. We don’t have to sell the family farm!”

Over a long period of time the overseas buyer is able to earn profit with the value slowing diminishing over several generations ultimately returning ownership to the Commonwealth Government.